The Foundation’s advocacy and initiatives break down barriers and create opportunities for women’s economic security.


The WNY Women’s Foundation supports programs, legislation and initiatives that empower women and promote economic opportunity and gender equity.

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In 2017, the WNY Women’s Foundation’s Advocacy Agenda supports women’s empowerment by promoting workforce policies and programs that offer women and girls opportunities to achieve their personal and professional goals, while striving to change biased systems that hold them back from having an equitable stake in leadership.



Family-friendly policies and child care are essential workforce supports for families to engage in meaningful, family-sustaining careers. When women are able to fully engage in the workforce, they are able to grow as leaders, influencers and change-makers. Strategies: Child Care Subsidies; Paid Family Leave Implementation; Child Care & Economic Development



In order to build the economic strength of women, level the playing field in work settings, increase opportunity, and strengthen the voice of women in our society, women must be treated as equals in the workplace and encouraged to enter into high wage, high-demand fields where they have traditionally been underrepresented. Strategies: Pay Equity; Women in STEM & The Trades

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Paid Family Leave: In 2016, NYS passed the longest and most comprehensive paid family-leave program in the nation.

Child Care Subsidies: Advocacy efforts staved off a massive cut to the already underfunded Child Care Subsidy Program in 2017.  These efforts highlighted the systemic issue of how funding allocated across the state is now being addressed through legislation to establish a statewide, child care task force with formal collaboration between stakeholders.

Facilitated Enrollment Child Care Subsidies: This program, available to working families making 200%-275% FPL, was expanded to Erie County in 2016, thus expanding supports available for low-income working parents.