We amplify women's voices to advance gender equity through data-driven solutions in Buffalo, NY.

As the go-to source for information for women's issues, we amplify women's voices as a thought leader, influencer, and trusted expert.

Thought Leader

With proven models for solving complex social problems, the WNY Women's Foundation works at the intersection of gender, race, and economic justice. Relying on deep, trusted connections, our organization raises awareness of the true needs of our community through data that tells a story and elevates women's experiences.


The WNY Women's Foundation is the go-to source for data and information when it comes to issues impacting women, including gender equity, economic mobility, and child care as an essential workforce support. In 2022, the Foundation influenced key decision makers through presentations to the White House Gender Policy Council, US Department of Labor Women's Bureau, WNY businesses and the NYS Legislative Women's Caucus.

Trusted Expert

Since March of 2020, WNY Women's Foundation leadership has been sought out for over 100 media interviews locally and across the country. This invaluable exposure has helped change hearts and minds, as we lifted our voice to drive solutions to the challenges barring women from achieving their full potential.