Buffalo, NY

Your help and support are critical for the Foundation to continue to fund programs that improve the lives of women in our community.

The WNY Women's Foundation raises every dollar spent on investments in your community. Careful research and work with community organizations helps us focus support on the areas of greatest need, and your generosity enables the continuation of programs that make lasting impacts on our region's women and girls.


Founding Board Member, Patricia Garman, recognized the need of the Foundation's work and expressed her commitment through a generous Legacy Gift. Joined by Sue Gardner, Gail Johnstone, Marsha Henderson and Anne Saldanha, the Patricia Garman Torch Circle was created through this very special and important form of financial support.

You can light the way for future generations and inspire generosity in others by naming the WNY Women's Foundation as the beneficiary of a planned gift. Sign up for your women empowerment donation today!

To join the Torch Circle and learn more about the planned giving program, contact wnywfdn@wnywfdn.org.