Reinventing You

Whether you have tried to lose weight before, or this is your first try, we will partner with you to ensure it is your last. Reinventing You is a medically supervised weight loss clinic administered by a NY State licensed Nurse Practitioner who is dedicated to helping you achieve your weight loss goals. Coupled with a certified nutrition coach, we will work together to develop a realistic plan to help you achieve and maintain a healthy balanced lifestyle.

Reinventing You is here to support you with our customizable program options for both women and men. We offer a combination of diet, prescriptive appetite suppressants (per patient choice and when medically appropriate), vitamin injections, and supportive counseling. We feature one-on-one personal medical supervision and nutritional guidance by our staff. We offer several program options that are individually designed based on your medical profile, lifestyle and goals. Our individualized plans offer the safest and most effective way for you to lose weight, and our staff will teach you how to keep it off permanently. Whatever your weight loss goals may be, Reinventing You will help you develop a plan that works best for YOU!"

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