We advance women's leadership and gender equity through employer education, individual mentorship, and elevating female entrepreneurs in Buffalo, NY.

What It Is

ALL IN collaborates with our community to invest in purposeful efforts to empower women in the workplace and illuminate the pathways for women to lead. A data-driven, DEIB initiative, ALL IN takes an intersectional approach to advancing gender equity in Western New York.

What It Does

Employer Pathway

Engage employers to take purposeful steps to move women and gender minorities into leadership positions and improve company culture using an intersectional gender-based lens

Ready, Set, Lead!

Cultivate aspiring leaders through mentorship and self-directed skill development, building a strong network of leaders in a broad cross-section of the community

Entrepreneur Pathway

Elevate female entrepreneurship by promoting, endorsing, and collaborating with women-owned businesses

Why It's Unique

The ALL IN Employer Pathway's cohort model of education facilitates cross-sector community partnerships. The Aspiring Leader Pathway's mentorship model connects women hoping to advance their careers with mentors in positions of leadership. Both work collaboratively to find innovative solutions that drive equity and support women and gender minorities.