What She’s Made Of:
May 23, 2022
Highmark Stadium

Statement from the WNY Women’s Foundation:
This week and the weeks ahead are going to be hard for our community. We will provide assistance when asked by community leaders. We will amplify the messages and voices of our Black community. We will give each other space and support. And, we will continue our work and our fundraising so that we can provide more opportunities for women in Western New York.

Our What She’s Made Of event planned for May 23 will support our vital work in the community, empowering women who need a voice and creating a culture of possibility so each woman can learn, earn, and lead to her fullest potential.

Racism fuels poverty. Supporting women in our community, and collaboratively tackling issues that women struggle with, are among the best ways to activate change in our community.

As we recognize inspiring women in sports at What She’s Made Of 2022, we’ll also learn more about sports as a means of female empowerment and an avenue for growth. 

Gathering as a community is more important than ever. While our hearts are heavy, we will continue to work toward our vision for all women to have the opportunity to thrive – creating a vibrant, inclusive WNY. For that, we’ll need your support. 

Thank you. 

What She’s Made Of 2022 – Event Info

For any questions about What She’s Made Of, or to make changes to your reservations, please call 716-217-9056.



Our mission is to create a culture of possibility so each woman can live, grow, and lead to her fullest potential.

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We believe that when women are secure, entire communities are stronger.