The Foundation researches and educates on women’s issues to acknowledge barriers and identify opportunities.


Commissioned by the WNY Women’s Foundation and created by UB Regional Institute, the 2010 Pathways to Progress Report examined the issues facing women and girls in our community. The report started an ongoing region-wide dialogue about the best ways to support and elevate women and girls.

Pathways to Progress, Vol. 2, a report created by the WNY Women’s Foundation, keeps us moving forward. The new report expands the dialogue with updated data that explore the current status of women and girls in WNY. By diving into the barriers women face throughout their lifespans, the report highlights opportunities and success stories. This educational tool is available to the community thanks to the generous support of the James H. Cummings Foundation, Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo, Health Foundation of Western & Central NY, John R. Oishei Foundation, Joy Family Foundation, Patrick P. Lee Foundation, SEFCU, and WNY Foundation.

Download Pathways to Progress, Vol. 2. Read it, digest, and find the connections that you can make to the women and girls in your family, community, and work. The full reference list for the report is available for download and many of the reports cited are included in this data hub. 

In our effort to educate the community and raise awareness, the Foundation has curated research and organized it by topic area. The research below can be filtered by topic with citations and links to original researchers. Alternately, it can be sorted by date of publication. Contact us if your organization has a report to include.

Building the Case for Culturally Specific P-3 Strategies in Oregon

Oregon policymakers have opportunity to address early learning by investing into work of culturally specific organizations within the P-3 system of supports.

Published Apr. 2019 Oregon Community Foundation

The Child Care Crisis is Keeping Women out of the Work Force

Challenges of staying at work while raising a child- families forced to make the decision to leave work to become full-time caregiver or to stay at work and struggle to pay childcare's high-costs.

Published Mar. 2019 American Progress

A Seat at the Head of the Table

From the 1970's, women have made serious progress in the workplace. Then that progress has stalled, especially at the top.

Published Feb. 2019 NY Times

Why Older Workers are the Economy’s Hidden Asset

Americans have a different view of what "retirement" means

Published Feb. 2019 Fast Company

It’s 2019. Women are less likely to be identified by their accomplishments.

How women's accomplishments are often overlooked

Published Feb. 2019 Huff Post

The State of Early Learning in NY

Plans to improve NYS education system and increase opportunity

Published Feb. 2019 Ready for Kindergarten, Ready for College

Diversity on Your Board. Here’s how to Make it Happen.

Womens minimal corporate roles and how they can benefit a corporate board in decision-making

Published Feb. 2019 Harvard Business Review

Aligning and Streamlining Systems to Secure Better Outcomes for Families

State Leaders are leveraging the two-generation approach to advance outcomes for children and families. Aspen Institute has continued to solidify its role as a national hub fir breakthrough ideas to help families reach their full potential.

Published Feb. 2019 The Aspen Institute

The State of New York’s Children

Overview of NYS General Children Statistics in 2019

Published Jan. 2019 Schuyler Center for Analysis and Advocacy

Inclusion in the Directors Chair

Women's successes in the film field

Published Jan. 2019 USC Annenberg Inclusion Initiative

Inclusion in Directors Chair

USC Annenberg Inclusion Initiative

Published Jan. 2019 USC Annenberg Inclusion Initiative

The Celluloid Ceiling: Behind-the-Scenes Employment of Women

Womens staggering success in film related careers.

Published Jan. 2019 Martha M. Lauzen

Better with Age?

How the youth views seniors & the aging process

Published Jan. 2019 A Place for Mom

Early Childhood Initiative

Creating an early care and education system to support children & their families

Published Dec. 2018 BiPartisan Policy Center

Improving NY Child Welfare Outcomes by Strengthening Family Economic Security

NYS Childhood Poverty and their steps to decrease these rates

Published Dec. 2018 Schuyler Center for Analysis and Advocacy

Setting the Stage for Emerging Themes in Public Policy

Partnership in Springfield, MA with the goal to elevate leadership of local young women.

Published Nov. 2018 The Young Women's Initiative

Childcare Affordability for Working Parents

Childcare is inaffordable for the majority of working parents. Especially for low-income and black and Hispanic working parents.

Published Nov. 2018 Diversity Data Kids

Investing in Single Mothers’ Higher Education: Costs and Benefits to Individuals, Families, and Society

Postsecondary education is a reliable pathway to economic security and is increasingly important to securing family-sustaining employment.

Published Oct. 2018 Institute for Women's Policy Research

Closing the Gender Gap: A Missed Opportunity for New CEO’s

Management should create opportunities for New CEOs to boost gender diversity.

Published Oct. 2018 Mckinsey and Company

Against Women- but Steps Could Fix that

Survey finds that women are unrepresented at every corporate level in the U.S.

Published Oct. 2018 Market Watch

Against Women -but Steps Could Fix That

Survey finds women unrepresented at every corporate level in the US

Published Oct. 2018 Market Watch

Overdue for Investment

State Child Care Assistance Policies in 2018

Published Oct. 2018 NWLC

Single Mothers with College Degrees Much Less Likely to Live in Poverty

Earning a postsecondary degree is a well-established pathway out of poverty, and degrees are especially life-changing for women raising children on their own.

Published Jul. 2018 Institute for Women's Policy Research

Time Demands of Single Mother College Students and the Role of Child Care in their Postsecondary Success

Time Use Among Single Mothers in College: Tradeoffs between Child Care, Studying, and Self-Care

Published May. 2018 Institute for Women's Policy Research

When “Universal” Childcare isn’t Universally High-Quality

Quebec made up for shortages in its day-care system by letting private centers step in.

Published May. 2018 The Atlantic

Women’s Student Debt Crisis in the United States

Women-to-Men Comparison of Student Debt

Published May. 2018 AAUW

NYS Salary Negotiating Guide

Importance of professionally negotiating salaries and how to prepare for it .

Published Apr. 2018 NYS Department of Labor

How Women are Still Left Behind in the Labor Market

Data of gender differences in wages

Published Apr. 2018 The Hamilton Project

Child Care is Essential to Enhance Productivity Today and Tomorrow

Access to high-quality childcare contributes for a stronger workforce in NY

Published Mar. 2018 Council for a Strong America

College, With Kids, The Chronicle of Higher Education

College student & parenting: how colleges are accommodating for these students.

Published Feb. 2018 The Chronicle of Higher Education

Understanding the New College Majority

The Demographic and Financial Characteristics of Independent Students and their Postsecondary Outcomes

Published Feb. 2018 Institute for Women's Policy Research

Is Your Campus Family Friendly? Data and Tools to Promote Student Parent Success

Building a collaborative approach to improving conditions for parenting students on campus

Published Jan. 2018 Institute for Women's Policy Research

Still a Mans Labor Market

Pay difference between men and women

Published Jan. 2018 Institute for Women's Policy Research

Pathways to Progress, Vol. 2

100 facts that will guide our community's work to make WNY a great place for women to live, grow, and lead

Published Nov. 2017 WNY Women's Foundation

New Americans and a New Direction: The Role of Immigrants in Reviving the Great Lakes Region

Immigrants play an important and influential role in the economy

Published Oct. 2017 New American Economy

Principles to Improve Family Outcomes

Plans to improve NYS education system and increase opportunity

Published Oct. 2017 Center on Developing Child at Harvard University

The Competitive Advantage of Racial Equity

Racial equity by wealth, health, education, and career, and how to tackle these issues in a professional setting

Published Oct. 2017 FSG

Persistent Gaps: State Child Care Assistance Policies 2017

Need for overcoming barriers to child care assistance, using income eligibility, waiting lists, and copayment levels to advocate for policy

Published Oct. 2017 National Women's Law Center

Women’s Economic Security Wrap Around Strategies

Economic Securities Offered by NYS

Published Oct. 2017 Partnership for Womens Prosperity

Single Mothers in College: Growing Enrollment, Financial Challenges, and the Benefits of Attainment

Data on moms in college by race, unmet financial need, and benefits of their success

Published Sep. 2017 Institute for Women's Policy Research

A Blueprint for Child Care Reform

Making more affordable, accommodating, and accessible child care

Published Sep. 2017 Center for American Progress

How CSR Can Advance Gender Equity

Catering Corporate Social Responsibility programs to individual women dependent on their needs and access

Published Sep. 2017 FSG

The Gender Wage Gap Fact Sheet

Graphs and tables on median incomes by gender, race, year

Published Sep. 2017 Institute for Women's Policy Research

Five Ways to Win an Arguement about the Gender Wage Gap

Facts on the workforce and how women still face discrimination

Published Sep. 2017 Institute for Women's Policy Research

The Gender Wage Gap

General statistics of gender wage differences

Published Sep. 2017 Institute for Women's Policy Research

Creating Opportunity: An Action Plan for Early Childhood Education

Plans for a more successful education

Published Sep. 2017 ECE Executive Committee

The Economic Cost of Intimate Partner Violence

Can increase medical debt, educational attainment, and housing instability

Published Aug. 2017 The Institute for Women's Policy Research

Realizing gender equality’s $12 trillion economic opportunity

Narrowing the gender gap will result in a large potential for economic growth. This report estimates the tangible progress in both work and society needed to capture this potential and the spending on essential services needed to spur that progress.

Published Aug. 2017 McKinsey & Company

Women in Leadership

WNY Women's Foundation Fact Sheet

Published Aug. 2017 WNY Women's Foundation

Women & Children Living in Poverty

WNY Women's Foundation Fact Sheet

Published Aug. 2017 WNY Women's Foundation

NYS Paid Family Leave

WNY Women's Foundation Fact Sheet

Published Aug. 2017 WNY Women's Foundation

Intimate Partner Violence

WNY Women's Foundation Fact Sheet

Published Aug. 2017 WNY Women's Foundation

Gender Equity in Leadership

WNY Women's Foundation Fact Sheet

Published Aug. 2017 WNY Women's Foundation

Early Childhood & Child Care

WNY Women's Foundation Fact Sheet

Published Aug. 2017 WNY Women's Foundation

Child Care Subsidy

WNY Women's Foundation Fact Sheet

Published Aug. 2017 WNY Women's Foundation

Investing in the next generation

A Bottom-Up Approach to Creating Better Outcomes for Children and Youth

Published Aug. 2017 Brookings Institution

Black and Hispanic Women Lag in Recovering from the Recession

Unemployment among Young Women Before and After the Recession by Age, Race, and Ethnicity

Published Aug. 2017 Institute for Women's Policy Research

Gender Differences in Voter Turnout

In recent elections, voter turnout rates for women have equaled or exceeded voter turnout rates for men. Women, who constitute more than half the population, have cast between four and seven million more votes than men in recent elections

Published Jul. 2017 Center for American Women and Politics

Girlhood Interrupted: The Erasure of Black Girls’ Childhood

First study focused on “adultification” of black girls shows significant bias toward girls starting at age 5, younger than in previous research on black boys

Published Jun. 2017 Center on Poverty and Inequality - Georgetown Law

Watching Gender How Stereotypes in Movies and TV Impact Kids’ Development

"Our comprehensive research review shows that children who are fed gender stereotypes may internalize those roles, shaping their behavior for years to come and that girls aren’t alone in their struggles with restrictive identity norms."

Published Jun. 2017 Common Sense Media

Third-Grade Proficiency in Erie County

The importance of third-graders performing with grade-level proficiency and the proficiency level of third graders in Erie County.

Published Jun. 2017 United Way of Buffalo and Erie County

Women in State Government: Still Too Few

In recent years the movement of women into state-level offices has slowed after several decades of gains. Efforts to actively recruit women for elective and appointive positions will be critical in determining what the future holds for women in state government.

Published Jun. 2017 The Council on State Governments

The Status of Black Women in the United States

The Status of Black Women in the United States seeks to address the gap in research on Black women’s well-being and to provide data that can inform policy and programmatic changes to benefit Black women and their families.

Published Jun. 2017 Institute for Women's Policy Research

Coupling Child Care With Pathways To Nontraditional, Higher Paying Work

Workforce Training for Low-Income Mothers

Published Jun. 2017 Mississippi Low Income Child Care Initiative

Why women don’t run for office

Studies gender differences between career aspirations and confidence

Published Jun. 2017 Politico

State of Play in WNY

For a complete look at the state of youth sports in our communities.

Published Jun. 2017 United Way of Buffalo and Erie County

Deeper in Debt: Women and Student Loans

This report looks at how student debt became a women's issue.

Published May. 2017 American Association of University Women

Niagara Falls students seek better sex education than “abstinence only”

Need for other forms of sex education.

Published May. 2017 The Buffalo News

The Family-Friendly Campus Imperative: Supporting Success Among Community College Students with Children

Ensuring Economic Security and Meeting the Workforce Needs of the Nation

Published Mar. 2017 Institute for Women's Policy Research

Why the federal government should subsidize childcare and how to pay for it.

Now is the time and the opportunity for serious political consideration of new funding and delivery models for childcare.

Published Mar. 2017 Brookings Institution

What does good child care reform look like?

Gaps in current child care policy and assessing quality and affordability of potential policy initiatives

Published Mar. 2017 Economic Policy Institute

The Family-Friendly Campus Imperative

This paper presents a portrait of the community college student parent population, their unique needs, and discusses the role that child care plays in their educational success.

Published Mar. 2017 Institute for Women's Policy Research

State of Play Western NY

Breakdown and recommendations for active children in Western NY

Published Feb. 2017 the aspen institute project play

Closing the Skills Gap

The “skills gap” in the United States is serious. Here is how to do better.

Published Feb. 2017 McKinsey & Company

Supports that Matter in Workforce Development Programs

This report captures participant perspectives on the role of supportive services in facilitating their success in job training, the availability of supportive services, the unmet needs of participants, and the significance of job training for them.

Published Feb. 2017 Institute for Women's Policy Research

2017 Alzheimer’s disease facts and figures

Demographics of Alzheimer's

Published Jan. 2017 Alzheimer's Association

Winning Beginning NY Executive Agenda 2017-18

Agenda for future advocacy initiatives

Published Jan. 2017 Winning Beginning NY

Births: Final data for 2015

Statistics on birth rates, delivery rates, age of mother, teenage pregnancy, and marital status.

Published Jan. 2017 National Vital Statistics Reports

STEM starts early: Grounding science, technology, engineering, and math education in early education

There is a correlation between early experiences with STEM subjects and later success in these subjects or in school generally.

Published Jan. 2017 The Joan Ganz Cooney Center at Sesame Workshop

Women in State Legislators 2017

Data on the percentage of women in state legislatures by state and by party.

Published Jan. 2017 Center for American Women and Politics

The Simple Truth About The Gender Pay Gap

The pay gap affects women of different demographics and is caused by different experiences. There are things individuals can do to change this.

Published Jan. 2017 American Association of University Women

Domestic Violence: Finding Safety and Support

It is not always easy to recognize abuse. This booklet serves as a tool for victims, friends, family members, and professionals to recognize domestic violence and ways to seek help.

Published Jan. 2017 NYS Office for the Prevention of Domestic Violence

Child Care Brief


Published Jan. 2017 US Department of Health & Human Services

Representation Matters

A stock of the experiences, perspectives, approaches, and influence of women in a polarized, as well as male-dominated, U.S. Congress.

Published Jan. 2017 Center for American Women and Politics (Rutgers); Eagleton Institute of Politics (Rutgers)

Women in the Workplace 2017

A comprehensive study of the state of women in the workforce

Published Jan. 2017 McKinsey & Company

The State of Gender Equality in the Workplace 2016

Findings on the wide range of issues affecting women in the workplace, ranging from how employers can attract and recruit women, to what areas of focus will help them retain women, and what corporate practices and employer benefits correlate with women's job satisfaction.

Published Dec. 2016 Fairy Godboss

A Fair Shot for Millennial Women and Families

How millennial women are affected by student debt, race, and other demographics

Published Nov. 2016 Center for American Progress

Financial Hardship in Erie County

Financial hardship is not limited to families living in conditions of poverty or individuals experiencing unemployment. Working families also experience financial hardship.

Published Nov. 2016 United Way of Buffalo and Erie County

Undervalued and Underpaid in America Women in Low-Wage, Female-Dominated Jobs

This report investigates women’s experiences in large, low-wage, growing, female-dominated occupations, comparing demographic data and indicators of economic security between 1994 and 2014, and projecting growth rates to 2024.

Published Nov. 2016 Institute for Women's Policy Research

Women are better than men at paying their mortgages

Women pay more on average for mortgages

Published Sep. 2016 The Urban Institute

Domestic Violence Counts

New York Summary

Published Sep. 2016 National Network to End Domestic Violence

Women in the Workplace 2016

Women in the Workplace 2016 is a comprehensive study of the state of women in corporate America.

Published Sep. 2016 McKinsey & Company

WNY Girls in Sports

The purpose of this report is to explore the following questions: 1. Are girls in Buffalo active and playing sports, and do gender disparities exist? 2. What opportunities exist for girls to play sports in Buffalo? 3. What barriers are most identified as hindering sports participation locally? 4. How have these barriers been overcome for urban girls in other cities?

Published Sep. 2016 United Way of Buffalo and Erie County

Women Give 2012

Research on women's giving habits

Published Aug. 2016 Women's Philanthropy Institute

Working Mothers Issue Brief

Labor force participation by family type, race, and poverty

Published Jun. 2016 US Department of Labor Women's Bureau

Issue Brief Working Mothers

Parenthood & work participation struggles

Published Jun. 2016 Womens Bureau

The Complex Data on Girls in STEM

Goals are to increase girls' persistence and resilience in STEM studies to develop their career paths.

Published May. 2016 The Atlantic

NOT JUST About More Time

"A case for stretching the definition of expanded learning time to include academic and non-academic support services especially for low income students"

Published May. 2016 Say Yes to Education

Giving to Women and Girls

This study highlights new data to understanding who gives to women’s and girls’ causes and their motivations for support

Published May. 2016 IUPUI Women's Philanthropy Institute

The power of parity: Advancing women’s equality in the United States

Every state and city in the United States has the opportunity to further gender parity, which could add $4.3 trillion to the country’s economy in 2025.

Published Apr. 2016 McKinsey & Company

Older women are being forced out of the workforce

Discrimination in the workplace

Published Mar. 2016 Harvard Business Review

Barriers and Bias

The report examines the causes of women’s underrepresentation in leadership roles in business, politics, and education and suggests what we can do to change the status quo.

Published Mar. 2016 American Association of University Women

Shortchanged in Retirement

The Continuing Challenges to Women’s Financial Future

Published Mar. 2016 National Institute on Retirement Security

Pathways to Equity Narrowing the Wage Gap by Improving Women’s Access to Good Middle-Skill Jobs

This report addresses women’s access to well-paid, growing, middle-skill jobs (jobs that do not require a bachelor’s degree).

Published Mar. 2016 Institute for Women's Policy Research

Child care costs in New York among nation’s worst

Ongoing increases in child care costs are putting a strain on families across the country, with New York being the least financially accessible.

Published Feb. 2016 Buffalo Business First

The Gender Wage Gap and Public Policy

The basic facts about the gender wage gap, summarizing data on earnings differences between women and men by race and ethnicity, education, and occupation and reasons for the gender wage gap, its consequences for women and their families, and policies that can help to close it.

Published Feb. 2016 Institute for Women's Policy Research

The 2016 State of Women-Owned Businesses Report

Statistics on women-owned businesses.

Published Jan. 2016 American Express OPEN

Opioid Addiction 2016 Facts and Figures

Statistics on the opioid epidemic and opioid addiction.

Published Jan. 2016 American Society of Addiction Medicine

Teens and E-Cigarettes

Infographic with rates of drug usage among teenagers.

Published Jan. 2016 National Institute on Drug Abuse

Understanding teen dating violence

Data on dating violence. Dating violence occurs between two people in a close relationship. The nature of dating violence can be physical, emotional, or sexual.

Published Jan. 2016 Centers for Disease Control

Women and Wealth: Insights for Grantmakers

IInvesting in strategies that promote women’s wealth not only improves women’s financial status, but also the financial status of subsequent generations and improves our nation’s economy.

Published Jan. 2016 Asset Funders Network

Women Give

Women Give 2016 investigates how giving by young adults has changed over four decades, according to gender. It also explores how women’s role in the family and in decision-making about giving has changed over time and how this impacts giving.

Published Jan. 2016 IUPUI Women's Philanthropy Institute

The Family-Friendly Campus Imperative

Success among community college students with children

Published Jan. 2016 Association of Community College Trustees

Intimate Partner Violence 1993-2010

Statistics on intimate partner violence

Published Sep. 2015 Bureau of Justice Statistics

A New Vision for Child Care in the United States

A Proposed New Tax Credit to Expand High-Quality Child Care

Published Sep. 2015 Center for American Progress

Moms at Work The Working Mother Report

The impact that the intersection of work life has on working mothers, their careers and their families

Published Sep. 2015 Working Mother Research Institute

Teens, Technology, & Friendships

Video games, social media and mobile phones play an integral role in how teens meet and interact with friends.

Published Aug. 2015 Pew Research Center

Teen Girls and Leadership Biases

Teen girls who are the key to closing the gender gap appear to face an age-old and powerful barrier: gender bias, and specifically biases about their leadership.

Published Jul. 2015 Harvard Graduate School of Education

Solving the Equation The Variables for Women’s Success in Engineering and Computing

Advancing girls and women in the STEM field by looking at stereotypes and biases, social relevance, cultivating a sense of belonging and changing the environment.

Published Jul. 2015 American Association of University Women

Poverty Interrupted

Applying Behavioral Science to the Context of Chronic Scarcity

Published May. 2015 Ideas 42

How and Why Women Give

The purpose of this literature review is to summarize the existing academic research on women, gender, and philanthropy and create a comprehensive picture of what we know about women’s giving and gender differences in giving today.

Published May. 2015 IUPUI Women's Philanthropy Institute

Older women workers and economic security

Economic needs and burdens of older women, retirement income influenced by demographics

Published Feb. 2015 US Department of Labor Women's Bureau

Financial Experience And Behaviors Among Women

Different financial goals and attitudes.

Published Jan. 2015 Prudential

New, Uniform Sexual Assault Policy to Protect New York’s College Students

New York State wants students to be able to have sexual assaults investigated and prosecuted.

Published Jan. 2015 New York State

Where will you find your next leader?

Gender equality in sports can be empowering for women and promote leadership.

Published Jan. 2015 EY Women's Athlete Business Network & espnW

ACEs Handout

Stress & Early Brain Growth: Understanding Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)

Published Jan. 2015 Spokane Washington Regional Health District

Women in the Workplace 2015

A comprehensive study of the state of women in corporate America

Published Jan. 2015 McKinsey & Company

The Status of Women in the States

The Status of Women in New York, 2015: Highlights

Published Jan. 2015 Institute for Women's Policy Research

Perspectives in Philanthropy: The Advancement of Women and Girls

The Advancement of Women and Girls” includes a broad range of articles that highlight the tremendous work both individuals and institutions are engaged in to empower women and girls all over the world.

Published Jan. 2015 Morgan Stanley

Annual Report on the State of Homelessness in WNY

Key findings and recommendations to address homelessness in WNY

Published Jan. 2015 Homeless Alliance of WNY

Black Girls Matter: Pushed Out, Overpoliced, & Underprotected

The research reflected in this report was designed to elevate the voices of Black girls and other girls of color affected by punitive policies so as to deepen our understanding of the ways they experience inhospitable educational environments and to produce recommendations designed to eliminate those inequities.

Published Jan. 2015 African American Policy Forum

Record share of Americans have never married

Values, economics, and gender patterns change

Published Sep. 2014 Pew Research Center

Unlocking Opportunity for African American Girls: A Call to Action for Educational Equity

This report shines a spotlight on the barriers faced by African American girls and women, and the impact on their lives. It contains recommendations for educators, school leaders, communities, advocates, policymakers, and philanthropic organizations to take action to advance the success of African American girls.

Published Sep. 2014 National Women's Law Center

Examining the Impact of Afterschool STEM Impacts

A look at the impact a strong STEM experience can make on participating youth.

Published Jul. 2014 Afterschool Alliance

Still Mending the Patchwork

A report examining county-by-county inequities in child care subsidy administration in New York State

Published Jun. 2014 Empire Justice Center

The Confidence Gap

Evidence shows that women are less self-assured than men—and that to succeed, confidence matters as much as competence. Here's why, and what to do about it.

Published May. 2014 The Atlantic

The Women’s Leadership Gap

Women's leadership by the numbers.

Published Mar. 2014 Center for American Progress

Healthy aging fact sheet

Statistics on chronic diseases, falls, substance abuse, and mental health

Published Jan. 2014 National Council on Aging

College affordability for low-income adults

Improving returns on investment for families and society

Published Jan. 2014 Institute for Women's Policy Research

Youth Mental Health

A graph of risk and protective factors

Published Jan. 2014 Youth.gov

Unlocking Opportunity for African American Girls

A call to action for educational equity.

Published Jan. 2014 NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, & National Women's Law Center

Afterschool Essentials: Research and Polling

Afterschool programs, when they are accessible, provide a safe learning environment for children and adolescents while their parents are still at work.

Published Jan. 2014 Afterschool Alliance

On pay gap, millennial women near parity – for now

Despite gains, many see roadblocks ahead.

Published Dec. 2013 Pew Research Center

Women Rising: The Unseen Barriers

The subtle gender bias that persists in organizations and in society disrupts the learning cycle at the heart of becoming a leader.

Published Sep. 2013 Harvard Business Review

Women in the Workplace: A Research Roundup

A compilation of research by business, psychology, and sociology scholars offers a window into women’s collective experiences in the workplace, confirming some intuitive notions and calling others into question.

Published Sep. 2013 Harvard Business Review

Paid Family Leave: A Crucial Support for Breastfeeding

Although workplace supports for breastfeeding are increasingly gaining attention, and the new federal healthcare law is already changing employer practices in this regard, balancing work and breastfeeding continues to be a major challenge for new mothers.

Published Aug. 2013 CLASP, & Breastfeeding Taskforce of Los Angeles

Teen Pregnancy Affects Graduation Rates

Academic achievement difficult for teen parents.

Published Jun. 2013 National Conference of State Legislatures

Child Care in Crisis

A Report from the NYS Assembly Child Care Workgroup

Published Feb. 2013 NYS Assembly

The Sandwich Generation

Rising financial burdens for middle-aged Americans

Published Jan. 2013 Pew Research Center

Women as mentors: Does she or doesn’t she?

A global study of businesswomen and mentoring.

Published Jan. 2013 DDI

The State of Girls: Unfinished Business

The report contains current statistical indicators and projections about the future that are focused on key issues such as the health, safety, and educational achievement of girls, as well as demographic trends.

Published Jan. 2013 Girl Scout Research Institute

Quality: What is it and why it matters in early childhood education

Research shows that quality childcare reduced the gap in achievement

Published Sep. 2012 Schuyler Center for Analysis and Advocacy

Quality: What it Is and Why it Matters in Early Childhood Education

This policy brief explains why quality matters, demonstrates what quality looks like, and details how it should be measured.

Published Sep. 2012 Schuyler Center for Analysis and Advocacy

High Potentials in the Pipeline: Leaders Pay it Forward

Key findings, illustrative quotes, and questions for consideration included throughout this report are designed to encourage reflection on how talent is identified and developed within your organization.

Published Jan. 2012 Catalyst

2011-12 Community Needs Assessment

Looking at needs in Erie County in education, income, health and wellness, and overarching concerns

Published Jan. 2012 United Way of Buffalo and Erie County

Women in STEM – A Gender Gap Innovation

Women are underrepresented in STEM

Published Aug. 2011 U.S. Department of Commerce

Women in the Economy

Addendum to the Special Report "Unlocking the full potential of women in the US economy"

Published Apr. 2011 McKinsey & Company

Unlocking the Full Potential of Women in the US Economy

Corporate America's business case for developing, retaining and advancing women.

Published Jan. 2011 McKinsey & Company

Why so few? Women in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics

This report demonstrates the effects of societal beliefs and the learning environment on girls’ achievements and interest in science and math.

Published Jan. 2010 American Association of University Women

Childhood and Intergenerational Poverty

The long term consequences of growing up poor

Published Nov. 2009 National Center for Children in Poverty

Delayed childbearing: More women are having their first child later in life

Statistics on births rates given age, geographic location, and country of origin.

Published Aug. 2009 National Center for Health Statistics

Accelerating Change for Women and Girls: The Role of Women’s Funds

The current landscape of philanthropy focused on women and girls and document the specific role played by women’s funds.

Published Apr. 2009 Women's Funding Network

Why are women still not running for office?

Campaign experience, ambitions, and family responsibilities

Published May. 2008 The Brookings Institute

Women Matter 2

Female Leadership, a competitive edge for the future

Published Jan. 2008 McKinsey & Company

Why Early Care and Education Deserves as Much Attention, or More, than Prekindergarten Alone

High-quality early care and education (ECE) programs promote positive child outcomes, allow parents to work, and contribute to the local economy.

Published Jan. 2007 Applied Development Science

Early Learning Left Out: Closing the Investment Gap for America’s Youngest Children

Investing more in young children's education will help them be successful in the future.

Published Apr. 2005 Voices for America's Children and Child and Family Policy Center

The Sexual Victimization of College Women

Understanding prevalence and nature of violence against women.

Published Jan. 2000 U.S. Department of Justice

Sports and Fitness in the Lives of Working Women

Sports and fitness can translate into the workplace through teamwork and drive.

Published Jan. 1993 The Women's Sports Foundation