BSMART Coaching

BSMART Coaching works with small to mid-size companies providing assessments, coaching, intercultural competency development, training, thought leadership and, change management solutions.

Breakthrough Leadership Consulting

·Breakthrough provides public sector institutions with leadership consulting focused on creating opportunity, facilitating a solid vision of excellence, building organizational capacity to manage change, and empowering teams to effect positive results. Breakthrough specializes in working with small to mid-size organizations in growth or expansion stages of development. Breakthrough's founder is a committed public servant seeking to leverage her diverse expertise and experience to help public sector leaders advance inclusive and connected communities.

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Covington Associates Consulting | CAC

Covington Associates Consulting | CAC, is a different kind of public relations Firm. It's a social enterprise business Concern, and specializes in assisting and empowering minority small business entrepreneurs, to develop their companies. CAC's diversity and inclusion Approach is titled I.D.E.A.™. The company's Founder, President, and CEO, Ms. Sherry Sherrill, has over 40+ years experience as a seasoned community activist, based in City Of Buffalo (NY), and is an (early) digital divide pioneer.

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Elaina M. Monte, Attorney at Law

Boutique Law Firm with a small, courteous, client-driven staff, focusing on Matrimonial and Family Law in Erie and surrounding counties. We offer free initial consultations (in person and virtual), and also have flexible hours for the working client. We are dedicated to understanding the legal and emotional needs of our clients, and strive to provide informed and vigorous representation in divorces, post-divorce violations and modifications, child custody and support matters, family offense matters (Orders of Protection), and Abuse and Neglect Proceedings (CPS).

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GlobalSecurityIQ, LLC

GlobalSecurityIQ is a full-service Cybersecurity Risk Mitigation company owned and staffed by certified Cybersecurity professionals. Organizations that haven't sustained a data breach are either highly prepared; extraordinarily fortunate; or they have but are unaware. Most are still relying on defenses that are insufficient and out of date. No system will be 100% secure, but most breaches are preventable and organizations can significantly reduce their risk. Founded in 2017 by 25-year former FBI Supervisory Special Agent Holly Hubert, what set us apart is our experience and cybersecurity industry-leading credentials. GlobalSecurityIQ specializes in Risk Assessments, Vulnerability Scanning, Digital Forensics, Incident Response, Penetration Testing, Corporate Education, Board Consulting, eDiscovery, Table Top Exercises, and Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity Planning.

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Higher Ed Hustle

This business is owned by the ONLY certified college financial consultant (CCFC) AND CPA in the WNY area. It is dedicated to helping people navigate the complexities of student loans to put you/your loved ones in the BEST possible financial position despite this burden of debt. This is primarily accomplished through strategic (and surprisingly simple) tax planning. This business also offers tax preparation as well. Gift cards are available for tax prep and in-depth consultations!

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Insight Communications

We believe every client has a unique brand and a story to tell. We discover and share clients' unique value through PR, communications, branding, and media execution. Our collaborative, personal approach allows us to establish mutually beneficial, long-term partnerships. Our clients come from every industry, and they care about the people they serve, just like us. Strategically, creatively, and digitally connecting clients and communities - that's what we do. And it all begins with insight.

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Inspired Outcomes Now, LLC.

Inspired Outcomes Now helps you bring your Vision to life with a true brand that generates results. Based on a proprietary Your True Brand™ process, we help organizations stand apart and build loyalty through authenticity. Your Vision Branded is designed for startups ready to get noticed. Your Brand Renewed helps existing businesses show what has changed in their business. Your Brand Elevated puts a visual foundation in place for growth. We meet you where are and take you where you want to go.

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Latinas Evolving LLCLatinas Evolving LLC

Latinas Evolving is a dynamic global movement dedicated to empowering Latina women through personal and professional development. We focus on Latina entrepreneurs, leaders, aspiring entrepreneurs, and allies. Our mission is to provide resources, mentorship, and a supportive community through workshops, networking events, and educational initiatives. We showcase and highlight Latina entrepreneurs and leaders through our social media campaigns, events, and virtual magazine. At Latinas Evolving, we believe in the power of collective progress and are committed to helping our members thrive in all areas of their lives.

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We are Maccrist, a marketing and advertising agency based in Buffalo, NY. From concept to maturity, we are focused on growing your business. By integrating both inbound and outbound concepts, we are able to offer our clients the most value. We take the pressure off of building your digital presence so you can focus on what you do best- running your business. At Maccrist, we offer a range of solutions including Web Design and Development, Search Engine Optimization, Paid Advertising, Social Media, Ecommerce, Content Marketing, Branding, Event Marketing, Public Relations, Video Production and Translation Services.

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Meichle Latham, LCSW-R, L.L.C.


→ Professional development coaching, including Pedi-Purpose contracting
→ Workplace wellness guidance
→ Mental well-being and support contracting
→ Team member well-being activities, workshops and presentations
→ Team building/retreat planning
→ Interim executive management/operations leadership coverage
→ Harmonious leadership training
→ Strategic planning & Capacity building

Professional Coaching:

Personal & Life Coaching:


→ Walking with purpose- in-person coaching sessions paired with walking improves mental health and physical health and fosters increased creativity, innovation and solution-building. Take purposeful steps in alignment with your goals.
→ Walk at convenient times and locations near you.
→ You tailor your package to align best with your personal and/or professional goals.
* Select your desired number of hours
* Choose the length of your agreement- 3, 6, 9, or 12 month timeframe
* Decide how to use your hours
* Determine the best percentage discount for you
→ SELF-PAY with standing package discounts.

EXPOSED: Senior-level leader peer advisory group:

→ High-achieving, senior-level leaders of diverse sectors convene in a brave, compassionate & nurturing community space with facilitated discussion about the relatable realities that senior-level leaders navigate.

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Mother Earth Literacies

Mother Earth Literacies, LLC (MEL) provides expertise in the education and business consulting arena in Western New York. As a rust-belt city, Buffalo and the greater WNY region are particularly impacted by environmental injustice and the work to educate citizens has just begun. MEL fills educational, STEM, nonprofit, and community needs in our region, providing internal collaborative support for schools and nonprofit organizations struggling with sustainability and equity challenges. Grounded in antiracist, decolonizing critical theories, Mother Earth Literacies is a people first business designed to help break barriers and access opportunities for educators and nonprofits.

As a Minority and Women Owned Small Business in Erie County, MEL is committed to excellence and creating innovative and flexible solutions for our educational and organizational partners.

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O'Connell & Company Productions

O'Connell & Company is a theatre company and offers theatre classes for all ages 5-100, as well as special event performances as fund raisers shows for women's and children's charities in WNY. This is our 25th anniversary year, and we been forced to cancel rest of our season, benefits and classes. As you know this is a great blow to our very small company. We are able to sell discounted subscriptions to next season. We look forward to the day we can Celebrate and Entertain with our community.

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One Fortune Media Consultants LLC

Capitalizing on three decades of industry expertise, positive reputation and strong vendor relationships, One Fortune Media Consultants LLC provides best-in-class media planning and buying services, along with marketing consultation, to direct businesses and advertising agencies in Western New York. We are a trusted partner, working collaboratively with clients to create customized, targeted media solutions that fulfill their objectives and deliver measurable results.

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Sarah G. Carney LLC

Sarah G. Carney LLC is registered as a professional fundraiser in New York State and Massachusetts; the LLC conducts business guided by customized 1099 contracts and scopes of service. We are producing people-driven, project-based, revenue-generating assignments to organizations with 32 years of experience in philanthropy, development, outside-sales, marketing, budget construction, fundraising and project management. Sarah G. Carney LLC leverages an extensive business network for her clients.

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Shoshanna Cogan, International Training & Coaching

Shoshanna Cogan, MS Counseling Psychology, is an international Success Trainer, Motivational Keynote Speaker, and Coach who has coached hundreds of clients and led thousands of events around the world for 26+ years. She specializes in Leadership Development and Coaching, Team Building, Crucial Conversations, Building Resilience, Women's Success Strategies, and Emotional Intelligence. Shoshanna has multiple Certifications in Coaching, MBTI, Conflict Mediation, and more. Let's get LinkedIn!

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Signing Is Art

Offer American Sign Language lessons, consulting services to ensure businesses are in compliance with the American Disability Act (ADA).

solve& consulting

Led by Stephanie Argentine, we focus on helping people and organizations navigate big, ugly, messy problems and challenges. Call us for a (virtual) cup of coffee (or glass of wine). Most of our work is with boards and leadership teams to set direction (vision, strategy), get stuff done (execution, governance, accountability, coaching) and figure out who (people) is doing what (roles and organization) and how (process) - now and in the future (talent, hi-po development, succession).

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Southtown Audio Video

Southtown Audio Video integrates today's best AV technology into your space. Let's be honest; technology is not a perfect science. When technology is not working for you, it feels like it's working against you. That's where we come in. After we design and build your custom system, you'll receive training on its use, followed by full tech support if something were ever to go awry. The right solution, whether it be for your conference room, restaurant, classroom or home. Every. Time.

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Voice By Maria

Voice By Maria is a full service voiceover production studio which can deliver voiceover for TV & radio commercials, telephone systems & voicemail, social media ads & content, e-learning/training narration, explainer videos, corporate content and more. We can also source voiceover talents in multiple languages if you need it. Our signature offering for small businesses is an audiogram - pictures/video with professional voiceover and music that you can share on your Instagram, Facebook and website.

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