The WNY Women’s Foundation creates a culture of possibility for women and girls through advocacy, investments and strategic initiatives.


The Foundation provides opportunities for women and girls to achieve economic self-sufficiency by:

  • Advocating for legislation that supports women and families
  • Fostering a business community that supports women leaders
  • Supporting programs designed to build confidence in adolescent girls
  • Breaking down barriers for single mothers living in poverty
  • Boosting aspiring female leaders to reach their full potential

“When I’m in Sanctuary, I feel like I belong somewhere. Before I started, I was really shy and quiet…now I talk to almost everybody, I smile and laugh all the time!”

Peace of the City Student

“The MOMs program has been the only entity that has understood my position and has given me the understanding and support to make me truly believe that I can do this.”

MOMs 2016 Graduate ECC