The Foundation researches and educates on women’s issues to acknowledge barriers and identify opportunities.


Commissioned by the WNY Women’s Foundation and created by UB Regional Institute, the 2010 Pathways to Progress Report examined the issues facing women and girls in our community. The report started an ongoing region-wide dialogue about the best ways to support and elevate women and girls.

Pathways to Progress, Vol. 2, a report created by the WNY Women’s Foundation, keeps us moving forward. The new report expands the dialogue with updated data that explore the current status of women and girls in WNY. By diving into the barriers women face throughout their lifespans, the report highlights opportunities and success stories. This educational tool is available to the community thanks to the generous support of the James H. Cummings Foundation, Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo, Health Foundation of Western & Central NY, John R. Oishei Foundation, Joy Family Foundation, Patrick P. Lee Foundation, SEFCU, and WNY Foundation.

Download Pathways to Progress, Vol. 2. Read it, digest, and find the connections that you can make to the women and girls in your family, community, and work. The full reference list for the report is available for download and many of the reports cited are included in this data hub. 

In our effort to educate the community and raise awareness, the Foundation has curated research and organized it by topic area. The research below can be filtered by topic with citations and links to original researchers. Alternately, it can be sorted by date of publication. Contact us if your organization has a report to include.

Topic: Women Leaders

Diversity on Your Board. Here’s how to Make it Happen.

Womens minimal corporate roles and how they can benefit a corporate board in decision-making

Published Feb. 2019 Harvard Business Review

Inclusion in the Directors Chair

Women's successes in the film field

Published Jan. 2019 USC Annenberg Inclusion Initiative

Inclusion in Directors Chair

USC Annenberg Inclusion Initiative

Published Jan. 2019 USC Annenberg Inclusion Initiative

Against Women- but Steps Could Fix that

Survey finds that women are unrepresented at every corporate level in the U.S.

Published Oct. 2018 Market Watch

Against Women -but Steps Could Fix That

Survey finds women unrepresented at every corporate level in the US

Published Oct. 2018 Market Watch

How CSR Can Advance Gender Equity

Catering Corporate Social Responsibility programs to individual women dependent on their needs and access

Published Sep. 2017 FSG

Realizing gender equality’s $12 trillion economic opportunity

Narrowing the gender gap will result in a large potential for economic growth. This report estimates the tangible progress in both work and society needed to capture this potential and the spending on essential services needed to spur that progress.

Published Aug. 2017 McKinsey & Company

Women in Leadership

WNY Women's Foundation Fact Sheet

Published Aug. 2017 WNY Women's Foundation

Gender Equity in Leadership

WNY Women's Foundation Fact Sheet

Published Aug. 2017 WNY Women's Foundation

Women in State Government: Still Too Few

In recent years the movement of women into state-level offices has slowed after several decades of gains. Efforts to actively recruit women for elective and appointive positions will be critical in determining what the future holds for women in state government.

Published Jun. 2017 The Council on State Governments

The Status of Black Women in the United States

The Status of Black Women in the United States seeks to address the gap in research on Black women’s well-being and to provide data that can inform policy and programmatic changes to benefit Black women and their families.

Published Jun. 2017 Institute for Women's Policy Research

Why women don’t run for office

Studies gender differences between career aspirations and confidence

Published Jun. 2017 Politico

STEM starts early: Grounding science, technology, engineering, and math education in early education

There is a correlation between early experiences with STEM subjects and later success in these subjects or in school generally.

Published Jan. 2017 The Joan Ganz Cooney Center at Sesame Workshop

Representation Matters

A stock of the experiences, perspectives, approaches, and influence of women in a polarized, as well as male-dominated, U.S. Congress.

Published Jan. 2017 Center for American Women and Politics (Rutgers); Eagleton Institute of Politics (Rutgers)

The State of Gender Equality in the Workplace 2016

Findings on the wide range of issues affecting women in the workplace, ranging from how employers can attract and recruit women, to what areas of focus will help them retain women, and what corporate practices and employer benefits correlate with women's job satisfaction.

Published Dec. 2016 Fairy Godboss

Women in the Workplace 2016

Women in the Workplace 2016 is a comprehensive study of the state of women in corporate America.

Published Sep. 2016 McKinsey & Company

Women Give 2012

Research on women's giving habits

Published Aug. 2016 Women's Philanthropy Institute

The Complex Data on Girls in STEM

Goals are to increase girls' persistence and resilience in STEM studies to develop their career paths.

Published May. 2016 The Atlantic

The power of parity: Advancing women’s equality in the United States

Every state and city in the United States has the opportunity to further gender parity, which could add $4.3 trillion to the country’s economy in 2025.

Published Apr. 2016 McKinsey & Company

Barriers and Bias

The report examines the causes of women’s underrepresentation in leadership roles in business, politics, and education and suggests what we can do to change the status quo.

Published Mar. 2016 American Association of University Women

The Gender Wage Gap and Public Policy

The basic facts about the gender wage gap, summarizing data on earnings differences between women and men by race and ethnicity, education, and occupation and reasons for the gender wage gap, its consequences for women and their families, and policies that can help to close it.

Published Feb. 2016 Institute for Women's Policy Research

The 2016 State of Women-Owned Businesses Report

Statistics on women-owned businesses.

Published Jan. 2016 American Express OPEN

Teen Girls and Leadership Biases

Teen girls who are the key to closing the gender gap appear to face an age-old and powerful barrier: gender bias, and specifically biases about their leadership.

Published Jul. 2015 Harvard Graduate School of Education

Solving the Equation The Variables for Women’s Success in Engineering and Computing

Advancing girls and women in the STEM field by looking at stereotypes and biases, social relevance, cultivating a sense of belonging and changing the environment.

Published Jul. 2015 American Association of University Women

Where will you find your next leader?

Gender equality in sports can be empowering for women and promote leadership.

Published Jan. 2015 EY Women's Athlete Business Network & espnW

Women in the Workplace 2015

A comprehensive study of the state of women in corporate America

Published Jan. 2015 McKinsey & Company

The Status of Women in the States

The Status of Women in New York, 2015: Highlights

Published Jan. 2015 Institute for Women's Policy Research

The Confidence Gap

Evidence shows that women are less self-assured than men—and that to succeed, confidence matters as much as competence. Here's why, and what to do about it.

Published May. 2014 The Atlantic

The Women’s Leadership Gap

Women's leadership by the numbers.

Published Mar. 2014 Center for American Progress

College affordability for low-income adults

Improving returns on investment for families and society

Published Jan. 2014 Institute for Women's Policy Research

Unlocking Opportunity for African American Girls

A call to action for educational equity.

Published Jan. 2014 NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, & National Women's Law Center

Women Rising: The Unseen Barriers

The subtle gender bias that persists in organizations and in society disrupts the learning cycle at the heart of becoming a leader.

Published Sep. 2013 Harvard Business Review

Women in the Workplace: A Research Roundup

A compilation of research by business, psychology, and sociology scholars offers a window into women’s collective experiences in the workplace, confirming some intuitive notions and calling others into question.

Published Sep. 2013 Harvard Business Review

Women as mentors: Does she or doesn’t she?

A global study of businesswomen and mentoring.

Published Jan. 2013 DDI

The State of Girls: Unfinished Business

The report contains current statistical indicators and projections about the future that are focused on key issues such as the health, safety, and educational achievement of girls, as well as demographic trends.

Published Jan. 2013 Girl Scout Research Institute

High Potentials in the Pipeline: Leaders Pay it Forward

Key findings, illustrative quotes, and questions for consideration included throughout this report are designed to encourage reflection on how talent is identified and developed within your organization.

Published Jan. 2012 Catalyst

Women in STEM – A Gender Gap Innovation

Women are underrepresented in STEM

Published Aug. 2011 U.S. Department of Commerce

Women in the Economy

Addendum to the Special Report "Unlocking the full potential of women in the US economy"

Published Apr. 2011 McKinsey & Company

Unlocking the Full Potential of Women in the US Economy

Corporate America's business case for developing, retaining and advancing women.

Published Jan. 2011 McKinsey & Company

Why so few? Women in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics

This report demonstrates the effects of societal beliefs and the learning environment on girls’ achievements and interest in science and math.

Published Jan. 2010 American Association of University Women

Why are women still not running for office?

Campaign experience, ambitions, and family responsibilities

Published May. 2008 The Brookings Institute

Women Matter 2

Female Leadership, a competitive edge for the future

Published Jan. 2008 McKinsey & Company

Sports and Fitness in the Lives of Working Women

Sports and fitness can translate into the workplace through teamwork and drive.

Published Jan. 1993 The Women's Sports Foundation