The Foundation researches and educates on women’s issues to acknowledge barriers and identify opportunities.


Commissioned by the WNY Women’s Foundation and created by UB Regional Institute, the 2010 Pathways to Progress Report examined the issues facing women and girls in our community. The report started an ongoing region-wide dialogue about the best ways to support and elevate women and girls.

Pathways to Progress, Vol. 2, a report created by the WNY Women’s Foundation, keeps us moving forward. The new report expands the dialogue with updated data that explore the current status of women and girls in WNY. By diving into the barriers women face throughout their lifespans, the report highlights opportunities and success stories. This educational tool is available to the community thanks to the generous support of the James H. Cummings Foundation, Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo, Health Foundation of Western & Central NY, John R. Oishei Foundation, Joy Family Foundation, Patrick P. Lee Foundation, SEFCU, and WNY Foundation.

Download Pathways to Progress, Vol. 2. Read it, digest, and find the connections that you can make to the women and girls in your family, community, and work. The full reference list for the report is available for download and many of the reports cited are included in this data hub. 

In our effort to educate the community and raise awareness, the Foundation has curated research and organized it by topic area. The research below can be filtered by topic with citations and links to original researchers. Alternately, it can be sorted by date of publication. Contact us if your organization has a report to include.

Topic: Women Leaders

WNYWF Fact Sheet – View of Leadership

Published Sep. 2019

WNYWF Fact Sheet – Leadership Roles

Published Sep. 2019

Eliminating Unconscious Bias in Hiring: How One Female Tech CEO is Shaking Things Up

Contrary to popular thought, having the right degrees, skills and work experience doesn’t guarantee your dream job.

Published Jun. 2019 ECMC Foundation

What happens when women stop leading like men

Women now lead industries where once the thin air was inhaled only by men. For the first time, women have the top jobs at the New York Stock Exchange and at Nasdaq.

Published Mar. 2019 Ny Times

12 Ways to Help Women in Retail Advance into Management

Over the last couple of years, hundreds of companies have made high-profile pledges to increase gender and racial equity. These commitments — including CEO Action Pledge, Paradigm for Parity, and UN’s HeForShe campaign — have garnered much public attention, but not enough companies have taken action.

Published Feb. 2019 Harvard Business Review

Diversity on Your Board. Here’s how to Make it Happen.

Womens minimal corporate roles and how they can benefit a corporate board in decision-making

Published Feb. 2019 Harvard Business Review

Inclusion in the directors chair

Yearly, the Annenberg Inclusion Initiative examines diversity and inclusion in the director’s chair across the 100 top-grossing motion pictures. For 2018, our annual analysis focuses on gender, race, and age of 1,335 helmers spanning 1,200 of the highest earning fictional films released domestically between 2007 and 2018. Clearly, this is the most intersectional assessment of directors behind the camera in film to date.

Published Jan. 2019 Anneberg Foundation

Inclusion in the Directors Chair

Women's successes in the film field

Published Jan. 2019 USC Annenberg Inclusion Initiative

Setting the Stage for Emerging Themes in Public Policy

Partnership in Springfield, MA with the goal to elevate leadership of local young women.

Published Nov. 2018 The Young Women's Initiative

Against Women- but Steps Could Fix that

Survey finds that women are unrepresented at every corporate level in the U.S.

Published Oct. 2018 Market Watch

Women and Leadership 2018

Wide gender and party gaps in views about the state of female leadership and the obstacles women face

Published Sep. 2018 Pew Research Center

New Strategies Help Women Build Career Confidence

Brag books, confidence logs are among techniques experts recommend to bolster lacking self-confidence

Published Mar. 2018 Wall Street Journal

15 Biggest Challenges Women Leaders Face And How To Overcome Them

15 members of Forbes Coaches Council share what the biggest challenges their female clients are currently facing and provide advice for women leaders everywhere.

Published Feb. 2018 Forbes

Pathways to Progress, Vol. 2

100 facts that will guide our community's work to make WNY a great place for women to live, grow, and lead

Published Nov. 2017 WNY Women's Foundation

Women: Follow The Five C’s To Become Leaders In The Workplace

The number of women leaders and CEOs is growing more and more each year, but it’s not where it needs to be. Still, process leads to progress.

Published Aug. 2017 Forbes

Women in State Government: Still Too Few

In recent years the movement of women into state-level offices has slowed after several decades of gains. Efforts to actively recruit women for elective and appointive positions will be critical in determining what the future holds for women in state government.

Published Jun. 2017 The Council on State Governments

Why women don’t run for office

Studies gender differences between career aspirations and confidence

Published Jun. 2017 Politico

Women in State Legislators 2017

Data on the percentage of women in state legislatures by state and by party.

Published Jan. 2017 Center for American Women and Politics

Representation Matters

A stock of the experiences, perspectives, approaches, and influence of women in a polarized, as well as male-dominated, U.S. Congress.

Published Jan. 2017 Center for American Women and Politics (Rutgers); Eagleton Institute of Politics (Rutgers)

When A Company Is Failing, Female CEOs Get Blamed More Frequently Than Men

It’s not your imagination or a just a hunch: Female chief executives are treated differently by the media than their male counterparts, a new analysis of press coverage of CEOs confirms.

Published Oct. 2016 Huffington Post

Barriers and Bias

The report examines the causes of women’s underrepresentation in leadership roles in business, politics, and education and suggests what we can do to change the status quo.

Published Mar. 2016 American Association of University Women

Making the Invisible Visible: A Cross-Sector Analysis of Gender-Based Leadership Barriers

Despite the fact that women are earning more educational de grees than men, they continue to be underrepresented at the top of institutional leadership hierarchies.

Published Feb. 2016 Wiley Online Library

Teen Girls and Leadership Biases

Teen girls who are the key to closing the gender gap appear to face an age-old and powerful barrier: gender bias, and specifically biases about their leadership.

Published Jul. 2015 Harvard Graduate School of Education

Where will you find your next leader?

Gender equality in sports can be empowering for women and promote leadership.

Published Jan. 2015 EY Women's Athlete Business Network & espnW

The Status of Women in the States

The Status of Women in New York, 2015: Highlights

Published Jan. 2015 Institute for Women's Policy Research

Women as Mentors: Does She or Doesn’t She?

Women can benefit from mentoring— and from being mentors. So why aren’t more women engaging in mentoring relationships?

Published Jan. 2014 Development Dimensions International