The Foundation researches and educates on women’s issues to acknowledge barriers and identify opportunities.


Commissioned by the WNY Women’s Foundation and created by UB Regional Institute, the 2010 Pathways to Progress Report examined the issues facing women and girls in our community. The report started an ongoing region-wide dialogue about the best ways to support and elevate women and girls.

Pathways to Progress, Vol. 2, a report created by the WNY Women’s Foundation, keeps us moving forward. The new report expands the dialogue with updated data that explore the current status of women and girls in WNY. By diving into the barriers women face throughout their lifespans, the report highlights opportunities and success stories. This educational tool is available to the community thanks to the generous support of the James H. Cummings Foundation, Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo, Health Foundation of Western & Central NY, John R. Oishei Foundation, Joy Family Foundation, Patrick P. Lee Foundation, SEFCU, and WNY Foundation.

Download Pathways to Progress, Vol. 2. Read it, digest, and find the connections that you can make to the women and girls in your family, community, and work. The full reference list for the report is available for download and many of the reports cited are included in this data hub. 

In our effort to educate the community and raise awareness, the Foundation has curated research and organized it by topic area. The research below can be filtered by topic with citations and links to original researchers. Alternately, it can be sorted by date of publication. Contact us if your organization has a report to include.

Topic: Trauma/Violence

The Competitive Advantage of Racial Equity

Racial equity by wealth, health, education, and career, and how to tackle these issues in a professional setting

Published Oct. 2017 FSG

How CSR Can Advance Gender Equity

Catering Corporate Social Responsibility programs to individual women dependent on their needs and access

Published Sep. 2017 FSG

The Economic Cost of Intimate Partner Violence

Can increase medical debt, educational attainment, and housing instability

Published Aug. 2017 The Institute for Women's Policy Research

Women & Children Living in Poverty

WNY Women's Foundation Fact Sheet

Published Aug. 2017 WNY Women's Foundation

Intimate Partner Violence

WNY Women's Foundation Fact Sheet

Published Aug. 2017 WNY Women's Foundation

The Status of Black Women in the United States

The Status of Black Women in the United States seeks to address the gap in research on Black women’s well-being and to provide data that can inform policy and programmatic changes to benefit Black women and their families.

Published Jun. 2017 Institute for Women's Policy Research

Domestic Violence: Finding Safety and Support

It is not always easy to recognize abuse. This booklet serves as a tool for victims, friends, family members, and professionals to recognize domestic violence and ways to seek help.

Published Jan. 2017 NYS Office for the Prevention of Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence Counts

New York Summary

Published Sep. 2016 National Network to End Domestic Violence

Opioid Addiction 2016 Facts and Figures

Statistics on the opioid epidemic and opioid addiction.

Published Jan. 2016 American Society of Addiction Medicine

Teens and E-Cigarettes

Infographic with rates of drug usage among teenagers.

Published Jan. 2016 National Institute on Drug Abuse

Understanding teen dating violence

Data on dating violence. Dating violence occurs between two people in a close relationship. The nature of dating violence can be physical, emotional, or sexual.

Published Jan. 2016 Centers for Disease Control

Intimate Partner Violence 1993-2010

Statistics on intimate partner violence

Published Sep. 2015 Bureau of Justice Statistics

Teens, Technology, & Friendships

Video games, social media and mobile phones play an integral role in how teens meet and interact with friends.

Published Aug. 2015 Pew Research Center

Poverty Interrupted

Applying Behavioral Science to the Context of Chronic Scarcity

Published May. 2015 Ideas 42

New, Uniform Sexual Assault Policy to Protect New York’s College Students

New York State wants students to be able to have sexual assaults investigated and prosecuted.

Published Jan. 2015 New York State

ACEs Handout

Stress & Early Brain Growth: Understanding Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)

Published Jan. 2015 Spokane Washington Regional Health District

Youth Mental Health

A graph of risk and protective factors

Published Jan. 2014 Youth.gov

Unlocking Opportunity for African American Girls

A call to action for educational equity.

Published Jan. 2014 NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, & National Women's Law Center

The Sandwich Generation

Rising financial burdens for middle-aged Americans

Published Jan. 2013 Pew Research Center

The State of Girls: Unfinished Business

The report contains current statistical indicators and projections about the future that are focused on key issues such as the health, safety, and educational achievement of girls, as well as demographic trends.

Published Jan. 2013 Girl Scout Research Institute

2011-12 Community Needs Assessment

Looking at needs in Erie County in education, income, health and wellness, and overarching concerns

Published Jan. 2012 United Way of Buffalo and Erie County

Childhood and Intergenerational Poverty

The long term consequences of growing up poor

Published Nov. 2009 National Center for Children in Poverty

The Sexual Victimization of College Women

Understanding prevalence and nature of violence against women.

Published Jan. 2000 U.S. Department of Justice