Board Member Spotlight:
Gia Manley

What motivated you to volunteer with this organization dedicated to creating opportunities for all women to learn, earn, and lead?

I came from a single-parent household and knew firsthand all the obstacles that needed to be hurdled. I was drawn to the Moms program (mPower).

What advice can you give to women striving to succeed in a similar career path to the one you’ve chosen?

I saved this quote and believe it to be so important: “When you see another woman succeeding, cheer her on! She’s paving the way for you and future women to come, so offer her your hand, your applause, and your generosity.”

Do you have a favorite WNY woman-owned business? Tell us about it:

Samreen’s Vanity. My beautiful and amazing friend created her own makeup line here in WNY. Even though she has recently moved away, she continues to grow her business everyday and I can’t be more proud of her hard work, dedication, and success. She is a true example.