Board Member Spotlight:
Emily Burns-Perryman

Senior marketing director, TechBridge, Inc.

What motivated you to volunteer with this organization dedicated to creating opportunities for all women to learn, earn, and lead?

There have been many things I have seen over the last few years within the social and public policies of this country that are incredibly troubling to me. From poverty, to childcare, to sexism, racism, inequality, to women’s reproductive rights, it seems that women and girls need more advocates to ensure they can learn, earn, and lead without barriers. I know the WNY Women’s Foundation will always be true to their mission and I knew this was an important organization to support and be a part of.

What’s your favorite program, initiative, or advocacy work the WNY Women’s Foundation facilitates?

I am very proud of the ALL IN initiative of the Foundation and also appreciate the education and employment opportunities they offer single mothers.

What advice can you give to women striving to succeed in a similar career path to the one you’ve chosen?

Seek out mentors who can help and guide you. Don’t ever be afraid to “self-promote.” Take every opportunity you can to learn, know that emotional intelligence and empathy are central to leadership, and hold out your hand to help others find their way to a seat at the leadership table when you get there yourself.