Board Member Spotlight:
Carolyn Human

Public relations & media relations consultant,

Carolyn Human Communications LLC

Tell us about your career path:

I started my career as a television news producer and produced newscasts in both Burlington, Vt. and then Orlando, Fla. before moving back to Buffalo to take a public relations job at a local agency. In 2012, I ventured out on my own to start Carolyn Human Communications LLC and have had the honor of working with many inspiring local clients over the past decade.

What’s your favorite program, initiative, or advocacy work the WNY Women’s Foundation facilitates?

The work the Foundation does to support women on their education journey is really critical in our community. Understanding the barriers – however big or small – that challenge women, and then coming up with creative ways to solve them. For instance, ensuring they can get a critical repair done on their car so they have reliable transportation to take their children to daycare and then get to school and work without having to navigate a very time-consuming labyrinth of public transportation to get everyone where they need to be.

What advice can you give to women striving to succeed in a similar career path to the one you’ve chosen?

The one phrase that still resonates is, “leap and the net will appear.” Someone said that to me when I was considering starting my own business. I thought it sounded so risky, but looking back, it was spot on. I always try to share that with other women who are considering their own business venture!