what if…

…all women and girls had the opportunity to thrive leading to a vibrant, inclusive WNY community? Find out how you can be part of the solution.


What if WNY was 50/50?

When women lead, our community succeeds!  Until WNY taps into 100% of the talent available to us, we will never achieve the growth we all know is possible. Communities that invest in all of their human capital are better positioned to attract investments and jobs. Employers who respect, value, and engage all of their employees are better able to attract and retain talent.

We are asking YOU to go ALL IN for WNY! The mission of ALL IN is to make WNY a premier place for women to live, work, and lead by engaging our community in purposeful efforts to empower women and illuminate pathways to leadership.

The WNY Women’s Foundation uses research to educate, advocate, and invest in systemic change. As a Foundation, we provide a forum to determine what the specific needs of our community are, and we work tirelessly to raise money that strategically creates the strongest impact. However, we cannot do it alone. You can be the solution!

Join Us:

Check out the www.ALLINWNY.org and join as an individual, employer, or entrepreneur.